Spencer James Thayer

  • Is a Developer
  • Is a Designer
  • Is a UX/UI Guru
  • Is a Mobile Builder
  • Is a Photo Snapper
  • Is a Disc Jockey
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What I can do for you

Communications technology is the bedrock of change and innovation for the successful modern business. Many organizations are unable to respond to these new demands as they are stuck in a quagmire of outdated technology. Don't make this mistake; let me create agile and flexible solutions for your team today!


You need a combination of deep industry knowledge and expert perspectives.


Reflect your business with a focus on making your product look beautiful.


Your product's foundation must be built to function effectively and securely.


Influence your audience by predicting their needs and ensure everything is in place.

Let's turn complexity into simplicity!


From keyword research to information architecture, make it SEO-friendly.

Social Media

Effective social media strategy helps build your company's identity.


Integrate web and mobile strategies to move forward with current trends.


Seletcing a trusted photographer for your product is difficult, not anymore.

Design must reflect the practical and aesthetic in business but above all... good design must primarily serve people.

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